In the vehicle Pajero Sport is often my experience about the symptoms that the machine will not start or engine will not turn on after the vehicle parked a few lama.Dari side of the vehicle owner would certainly because of the ambiguity of the vehicle at the time in use during this time showed no signs that the troubled vehicle. vehicle pajero sport with technology Common Rail system should use fuel Pertadex still, are found those vehicles use diesel fuel or bio-diesel in because the price is much cheaper than in Pertadex, this may result in the system on the common rail tdak will work maximum.

To overcome this problem on the vehicle pajero sport often do I modify the fuel channel with a solar filter menambahan tambahan.jadi in the vehicle pajero sport there are 2 pieces solar filter that serves to filter the fuel so that the fuel in the can thoroughly clean the incoming into the common rail system is that the injector is not blocked by dirt in the fuel.

Corrective measures when we are experiencing the problem as follows:

    Filters diesel common rail system is very important role in because the first filter fuel from the tank goes into supply pum then to the rail and the last to be able to filter diesel injector.Bila in an already very dirty doing the replacement.

   To convince again the problem arises from the fuel system then check the fuel line from the fuel tank to the incoming supply to the pump.

   To check the supply pump is working or not by first check the fuel filter in the supply pump.pastikan konsidi tersumbat.Jika fuel filter does not filter still in good condition to do checks at the outlet of the fuel by means of a pipe that goes into RAIL off and engine starter then we would look out of the pressurized fuel supply pump outlet channel, signaling supply pum in good condition.

  Rail here serves to store pressurized fuel that is produced by the supply pump.cara examination is to check the fuel pressure in the rail by using MUT III that exists only in the Mitsubishi Dealer.

The most important component in the vehicle that serves to inject fuel into the combustion chamber so that in combustion and engine can be hidup.Disini I will review that often occurs in the vehicle pajero sport that is clogged or leaking injector.If Injector clogged then there is no injection of fuel in the engine so that no combustion in the engine and the engine is switched off, if the injector leak it will be visible in the exhaust manifold of fluid out of black or yellowish translucent which is solar does not burn mixed with soot in exhaust manifold.To check the injector at pajero sport I will review on another occasion.Of a series of reviews above I conclude that the vehicle can not live in because INJECTOR clogged or leaking experiencing, for more details take your vehicle to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer can order in handling according to standard repairs at the dealership.